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Materials, Quality & Care

Suede & nubuck leather
(Our references: Calf suede, Calf suede print, Calf nubuck, Lamb nubuck & Oily calf suede)

This leather is sensitive to water and attracts dirt easily, therefore it is important to treat your suede leather regularly. Clean the dry leather with a suede brush for suede leather or with a soft brush for nubuck leather and use foam cleaner to remove dirt. Finish off with water based Protector. Leave to dry 24 hours to restore.

Soft surface leather
(Our references: Shiny lamb, Soft calf, Calf nappa, Vegetable tanned calf, Grained vegetable tanned calf, Snake calf, Grained soft calf, Lizard metallic goat, Metallic goat, Crackled metallic goat, Calf croco)

Soft leather can last long if kept from being dehydrated. Clean the dry shoe with a soft brush and use foam Cleaner to remove dirt. Apply Shoe Cream which provides a gentle nourishment and to restore the colour. Leave to dry and then polish the surface with a brush. Use wax to provide an even stronger protection against water but note that lighter colors may become a tone darker. If you wish you can then finish off with a water based Protector.

Natural hair
(Our references: Calf hair & Lamb hair)

Leather with natural hair is a material that can last long if handled with proper care. When cleaning you would need a bowl with warm water and mild soap. Use a soaked cloth to brush and comb the leather in the direction of the hair. Note that forcing the hairs in the opposite direction may damage the leather permanently. Dry them shortly after with a dry cloth. You can then spray them with a water base protector and let them dry to restore.